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    Submission of Session Proposals

    Scientific Program

    The XV Chilean Geological Congress (CHGC) will be structured in 2 main Axes which group a total of 11 Thematic Areas (Tas). Axis E1 Geosciences, Society and Sustainable Development groups 4 TAs that relate geosciences to the national community, as a social entity and as subject of the socio-economic development of the country. Axis E2 Basic Research in Geosciences groups 7 TAs which describe the latest advances in basic scientific research.

    Open call for session proposals

    Each Thematic Area (TA) will consist of sessions directly proposed by the members of the geo-scientific community via this platform. Session proposals will be received until September 10, 2017. Once the proposals have been reviewed by the Scientific Committee the final sessions will be defined and they will conform the Program of the Congress. On November 19, 2017 –a year before the inauguration of the Congress- the online platform will be available for registration and submission of abstracts.
    The deadline for submission of abstracts is initially established at May 18, 2018. The proponents of sessions that are incorporated to the Program will be responsible for the selection of the abstracts submitted to their session and define along with the Scientific Committee the oral and poster presentations within their corresponding session.

    To send your session proposal please fill out the following online form:

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