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    AT 3-2: Hydrogeology of Fractured Media: regional understanding and conceptualization for mining excavations.

    Conveners: Tiaren García Pérez, SRK Consulting.  Beatriz Labarca, SRK Consulting. Javier Verdejo, CODELCO.

    Description: This session will be focused on the study of groundwater in fractured media.

    Research on the role of fractures and faults, given their nature, abundance, orientation, connectivity, etc., in the transport of underground flow, will be part of this session.Likewise, Likewise, the characterization of the fractured media, investigating relevant parameters such as permeability, porosity, storage, etc.; conceptualization and hydrogeological modeling in fractured media for environmental impact assessments; hydrogeological studies applied to the geotechnical stability of mining excavations, standards, methodologies and challenges in the area; monitoring, drainage and depressurization systems; the association between lithology and mineralization with hydrogeological dynamics, as well as residence times and recharge.