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    AT4-10: Advances in the geological characterization of mineral deposits.

    Conveners: Juan Hermosilla Bravo, Exploraciones Mineras Andinas.  Rodrigo Castagno Arancibia, Teck Resources Limited. Diego Muñoz Soto, Pacific Trends Resources Chile. Jorge Skármeta Magri, Consultor Independiente.

    Description: The depletion of resources in current mining operations, an underutilization of mineral processing capacities in plants and an increase in the future projection of the demand for commodities, pressures the mineral industry to a new cycle of discoveries. The world scientific production in characterization of mineral deposits has presented a vertiginous increase in the last decades. This element integrated to the knowledge acquired in the exploitation of multiple and varied deposits, allows today a more robust understanding of the mineral systems from all perspectives.

    The geoscientist community is invited to present advances in the characterization of different districts/belts and/or individual mineral deposits. Specifically, this special session will be aimed at compiling those contributions that represent the integration of relevant geological elements in the configuration of complex mineralized systems and/or deliver the result of those key elements in the formation, control, or modeling of the mineralization distribution, whether in the generative exploration stage, brownfield or in mining operations.