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    AT4-3: Generation of fertile magmas and fluids in subduction zones.

    Conveners: Claudio Contreras, Universidad de O’Higgins, University of Bristol. Daniele Tardani, Universidad de O’Higgins. Santiago Tassara, Universidad de O’Higgins.

    Description: In the context of climate change, sustainable development and access to green technologies should include clean energy generation and supplies of metals responsible with ecosystems and human population. Understanding the role of magmatic and hydrothermal systems in the generation of magmas and fluids capable of producing metallic ore deposits is a key step in the development of more efficient strategies for the exploration of mineral resources and geothermal energy. The formation and distribution of large metallic ore deposits involves a range of processes in translithospheric magmatic-hydrothermal systems. These include processes of mantle source enrichment, differentiation, accumulation, and crystallization of magmas, exsolution and release of volatile and metal-rich fluids from the deep to the shallow crust, and transport and precipitation of the metallic load.

    We invite contributions focused on any of the processes mentioned above, including whole-rock and in-situ geochemistry, melt and fluid inclusions, fluids, and gases; field geology and petrography; experimental petrology; and numerical modeling of thermo- and fluid dynamics.