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    AT4-5: Nature of the link between geothermal systems and ore deposits: Fault control on geofluid migration and emplacement in the crust.

    Conveners: Pamela Pérez-Flores, CIGEA Ltda. Martín Marquardt, Masa SpA. Pablo Sánchez, Universidad Austral de Chile. José Piquer, Universidad Austral de Chile. José Cembrano, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

    Description: One of the most relevant links between geothermal systems and ore deposits is given by the presence of faults and permeable zones, that favour the migration and emplacement of geofluids, both magmas and hydrothermal fluids of diverse origin. Gradual or sudden variations in the stress state and/or in the system´s geochemistry trigger mineral and ore precipitation. 

    This session allows us to discuss and improve our understanding on the mechanical and geochemical control of magmato-tectonic environments in the evolution of magmas and hydrothermal fluids from the analysis of active systems (geothermal) and fossil systems (ore deposits), from deep to surface processes within the Andean crustal profile.