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    AT4-8: Best practices in geosciences applied to mining processes.

    Conveners: Juan Hermosilla Bravo, Exploraciones Mineras Andinas. Pía Lois-Morales, Advanced Mining Technology Center (AMTC). Alejandra Araneda, Exploraciones Mineras Andinas.

    Description: The mining industry is an engine for development in the various disciplines that interact in the mining business. The activities of information capture, storage and processing of geoscientific data must be carried out under strict quality, traceability, and auditability standards, such that they allow a mining plan to be committed to. Mining planning, in turn, due to its clear orientation towards maximizing the value of the resource, operates by optimizing the entire value chain and thus promotes an environment of continuous learning to be applied in new projects or production cycles.

    This session invites the entire community of geoscientists related to the mining industry to present case studies in the execution of geoscientific projects and in mining operations, which reflect best practices and continuous improvement, in matters such as information capture and management., mine geology, geotechnical-structural characterization, geotechnics and resource estimation, among others.