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E2.2-MAGM Magmatism and Metamorphism

The construction of the South American continent through amalgamation of cratons and other lithospheric blocks, along with evolution of the Andean margin will be approached from a magmatic and metamorphic perspective in this Thematic Area. Session proposals that integrate petrological, petrophisycal, geochemical, geochronological and field data in order to constrain crustal evolution and its interaction with the subcontinental lithospheric and sub-arc mantle will be welcomed. Other aspects than can be covered in this area are the characterization of orogenic cycles and temporal and spatial scales of subduction processes and crustal recycling.

Plenary Speaker: Dra. Catherine Annen, University Grenoble Alpes, University Savoie Mont Blanc, Grenoble, France.  View Profile

MAGM-GS: General Session Magmatism and Metamorphism

Convenors: Oscar Figueroa, Mauricio Calderón, Verónica Oliveros.

Description: This session will receive abstracts related to Magmatism and Metamorphism that cannot be included in one of the specific sessions of this thematic area.

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MAGM-1: Phanerozoic Magmatic Arcs

Convenors: Christian Creixell, Juan Otamendi, Vanesa Litvak, Paulina Vásquez, Verónica Oliveros.

Description: Since the Neoproterozoic, the interaction between the Pacific (paleo and modern) and Sudamerican plates has shaped one of the longest-lived and largest magmatic-orogenic belts known in Earth’s history. This session promotes a multidisciplinary approach aimed to characterize the phanerozoic magmatic arcs that formed and evolved along the acific destructive margin of the South America.

The big challenge is to understand what causal geodynamic variables exert a major control on the  crustal  architecture, the chemistry of plutonic to volcanic suites and the ore-forming events in the phanerozoic Sudamerican magmatic arcs.

The following aspects will receive particular emphasis:

- Arc magmatic tempos from inception to maturation.

- Migration and expansion of magmatic arcs and their link to changes of the geodynamic setting.

- Geodynamic factors controlling the compositional gradient across and along arc sections from micro- to macro-scale.

- The influence of far-field tectonic stress and magmatic inputs on the position of ore-bearing fields.

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MAGM-2: Magmatic differentiation processes in subduction zone settings

Convenors: Cristóbal Ramírez de Arellano, Daniela Bustamante, Francisco Fuentes.

Description: Differentiation processes of magmas from subduction zones have very particular characteristics. These processes lead to the generation of intermediate “andesitic” magmas with high magnesium number, relative to tholeiitic series. These magmas are responsible of most of igneous rocks in the Andes and other arc settings. Despite the characterization of these products, the magma differentiation mechanisms and the role of mineral phases on it are not fully understood. The composition of primary magmas and the degree of differentiation determine the type of magmatism at different tectonic scenarios as suggested in the different segments of the western margin of South America. In this session, we invite anyone who want to present preliminary or final results regarding on this intriguing topic.

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MAGM-3: Analytical techniques in geosciences

Convenors: Marco Suárez, Adán Ramírez, Fernando Barra, Brad Singer.

Description: Session devoted to the analytical techniques associated with studies in geology. The objective of this space is to share with people related to the different laboratories work and other interested. This session allows to stimulate the transfer of technology to the geological community, in order to divulge the different facilities available with their technological advances and experimental techniques  applied to solutions of Earth Sciences.

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MAGM-4: Cenozoic Fertile and Barren Magmatism along the Andes: Recent Discoveries

Convenors: Katja Deckhart, Marcia Muñoz.

Description: Cenozoic magmatism along the Andes hosts and is directly associated with world class mineral deposits. In a general sense, this magmatism is well studied but economic necessities are on a daily basis challenging researchers in widening their horizon to understand in more detail and through new analytical methods such systems. This involves numerous different aspects as the volcano-plutonic characteristics and their link, magma chamber processes and emplacement conditions, and distribution of fertile and barren igneous rock occurrences along the Andean Cordillera, among others.

This special session invites to present new research on Cenozoic magmatism distributed on the Chilean and entire Andean margin related to chemical and isotopic studies, magma modeling and evolution, characteristics of fertile and barren magmatism and other recent related discoveries.

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MAGM-5: Crustal Metamorphism

Convenors: Mauricio Calderón, Francisco Hervé

Description: This session invites contributions that seek progress in understanding crustal evolution and geodynamics in accretionary and collisional settings, through innovative approaches in metamorphic petrology. Those contributions focused in the construction of Pressure-Temperature (P-T) paths of metamorphism through quantification of P-T conditions using phase equilibria modeling combined with microstructural analyses,  geochronology and trace element data of mineral phases, will be of main interest.

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