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E2.5-SINT Seismotectonics, Neotectonics and recent Earthquakes

The Chilean Subduction Zone has nested different styles of seismic activity, including some of the largest interplate earthquakes worldwide. This Thematic Area will include sessions relative to multidisciplinary studies (geodesy, seismology, geology) about: the seismogenic segmentation of the megathrust and/or crustal fault systems at different spatial-temporal intervals; paleoseismology and neotectonics of active crustal faults and the assessing of its seismogenic potential; recent large Chilean earthquakes (e.g. the Maule 2010, Iquique 2014, Illapel 2015 and Chiloé 2016 earthquakes).

Plenary Speaker: Dr. Anne Socquet, Institut des Sciences de la Terre, Grenoble, France. View profile 

SINT-GS: General Session Seismotectonics, Neotectonics and recent Earthquakes.

Convenors: Daniel Melnick, Joaquín Cortés-Aranda.

Description: This session will receive abstracts related to Seismotectonics, Neotectonics and recent Earthquakes that cannot be included in one of the specific sessions of this thematic area.

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SINT-1: Deformation processes in active margins: Earthquakes and Tectonics

Convenors: Sergio Ruiz, Andrei Maksymowicz, Eduardo Contreras, Juan Carlos Báez.

Description: This session is focused on the instrumental study of recent earthquakes occurred in the South America margin, especially in the characterization of  pre-, co- and post-seismic phases. The recent Chilean earthquakes of Maule 2010, Iquique 2014, Illapel 2015, Chiloé 2016 and Valparaíso 2017, shed light on how the earthquake rupture dynamic processes are controlled by the tectonic characteristics and the slow deformation of the Nazca  and South America plates. In this session, we hope to receive works that allow us to discuss and to understand these processes.

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SINT-2: Seismotectonics, the earthquake cycle, and paleoseismology along the Chile margin

Convenors: Daniel Melnick, Andrés Tassara, Marco Cisternas, Bruno Mazzorana.

Description: The Chilean subduction zone displays a wide variety of tectonic and earthquake behaviors across a range of timescales. Recent and past great earthquakes both on the megathrust and crustal faults illuminate deformation processes and their potential feedbacks. However, many aspects of short-term subduction dynamics remain unclear, and fundamental data sets necessary to assess seismic hazards are needed. We welcome contributions focused on neotectonics including field geology, modeling of geodetic data, geophysics, and paleoseismology, aiming at exploring the relationship between seismotectonic segmentation, upper-plate faulting and the megathrust seismic cycle.

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SINT-3: Seismogenic potential of crustal faults in South America

Convenors: Joaquín Cortés Aranda, Carlos Costa, Daniel Melnick.

Description:  In the Andes, numerous crustal faults control the recent landscape evolution in areas of the Forearc, Intra-arc and Back-arc regions. In some cases, this kind of faults has been able to nucleate M>7 earthquakes during historical times. Nevertheless, crustal faults have been barely considered in seismic hazard models, mostly because the parameters that define their past activity are unknown. We call for contributions addressing the characterization of parameters like slip rates, recurrence intervals, maximum moment magnitude, etc., using multidisciplinary approaches. The main goal of this session is contributing to the understanding of these crustal seismogenic sources to acquire a better assessment of the seismic hazard in the continent.

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