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First Circular

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The Earth Sciences Department of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the University of Concepcion, along with the Chilean Geological Society and the Chilean School of Geologists, are pleased to invite you to participate in the XV Chilean Geological Congress “Geoscience toward the Community” to be held at the Main Campus of the University of Concepcion (Concepcion, Chile) on 18 – 23 November, 2018. This activity is organized in the frame of the celebration of the Centenary of the University of Concepcion (1919 – 2019).


The organization of the XV Chilean Geological Congress (CGCH) has been granted to the Earth Sciences Department of the University of Concepcion (DCT-­‐UdeC), sharing the responsibility with members of the Boards of the Chilean Geological Society (SG) and the Chilean School of Geologists (CG). The Organizing Committee is comprised by the following members:

  • President: Andrés Tassara (DCT-­‐UdeC)
  • Vice President: José Cabello (SG)
  • Past President: Patricia Narváez (CG)
  • Secretary: Joaquín Cortés Aranda (DCT-­‐UdeC)
  • Deputy Secretary: Verónica Oliveros (DCT-­‐UdeC)
  • Treasurer: Fernanda Álvarez Amado (DCT-­‐UdeC)
  • Deputy Treasurer: Juan Carlos Marquardt (CG)
  • Editor: Reynaldo Charrier (SG)
  • Co-­‐Editor: Millarca Valenzuela (SG)


The Organizing Committee of the XV CGCH invites all members of the national and international scientific and technical communities involved in the study of Geosciences to participate in this event.


The objectives of the XV CGCH are:

  • Bring together the scientific community involved in the study of Geosciences in order to contribute to the advancement of theoretical and applied research in the field of Earth Sciences.
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas and information among geologists; and, furthermore among other Geoscience professionals.
  • Strengthen the links between the national Geoscience Community and the Civil Society, thus promoting the approach of themes of public interest related to the scientific and professional research in Earth Sciences.


The activities of the XV CGCH will be organized around broad Thematic Areas that will cover all disciplines of Geosciences currently being developed by the professional and academic community in our country.


Special meetings of high interest for the Geoscience community may take place during the Congress. Furthermore, meetings of the main geological organizations, which comprise national geologists and geoscientists will also be coordinated. Geological field trips and scientific-­‐technical courses (or workshops), to take place before and after the Congress, may also be organized. The application process for the organization of special meetings, geological field trips or courses will be announced in due course.


The official languages of the Chilean Geological Congress are Spanish and English.


Concepcion is a Chilean commune and city located in the great metropolitan area of Concepcion, it is the capital of the Concepcion Province and of the Bio Bio Region. The urban nucleus of Concepcion exerts a significant impact on the national economy, given that it is part of the region with the highest industrialization rate. Concepcion has a Mediterranean weather, with oceanic influence and a short dry season during the summer. Average annual temperature is 12, 7°C, while the average temperature during summer time is 17°C and 8°C during winter time. Annual rainfall average is 1.110 mm and is concentrated in the colder months (May-­‐August). In November, temperatures vary between 8ºC and 19ºC, with an average of 13.5ºC.
Rainfall in November is uncommon and on average less than 40 mm.

The venue of the XV Chilean Geological Congress will be the Main Campus of the University of Concepcion, Concepcion, Chile, also referred to as “University City.” The University City is located at the University District in Concepcion and includes museums, sculptures, libraries, squares, etc. The Campus of the University of Concepcion began its academic activities in 1919. Nowadays, the Campus is considered an iconic landmark for Concepcion and is also a popular leisure place for the people of our city. It has an extension of 1.425.900 m², of which 239.856 m² are built. In 2010, the executive secretariat of the Bicentennial of Chile distinguished the Campus as one of the outstanding infrastructures of the first half of the XX Century. This is a distinction that recognizes and highlights buildings that given their characteristics and impact are defined as urban landmarks. The Campus is widely recognized for its architecture, vast green areas, cultural activity, outdoor concerts, literary presentations, artistic presentations, theater plays, round tables, seminars and congresses. These activities are open to the general public and free of charge. Moreover, many of the buildings located at the Main Campus have been distinguished as Chilean Historical Monuments. They are part of the national identity of the city of Concepcion. Two of the main icons of the University of Concepcion are the University Arch and the clock tower known as “Campanil.”


The second circular will be sent in April 2017 and it will include information on:

  • Thematic Areas and Sessions
  • Invited conferences
  • Geological field trips, courses and special meetings
  • Editorial regulations and information for the submission of abstracts
  • Registration process and fees

Information will be periodically updated through the website of the Congress (work in progress).


Orgazing Committee XV Chilean Geological Congress.

Email:     congresogeologico2018@gmail.com

Earth Sciences Department, Faculty of Chemical Sciences, University of Concepcion. Address: Víctor Lamas 1290, Box 160-­‐C, Concepcion, Chile. Phone: +56-­‐41-­‐2204215 https://www.facebook.com/congresogeologicochileno


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