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Guidelines for poster and oral presentations

We have concluded the notification process of accepted abstracts and would like to provide the guidelines for the preparation of poster and oral presentations, and also give additional information.


  • Each poster will be assigned to a 95 cm. (width) x 240 cm. (height) panel.  Within this space, it is recommended that you adjust your poster to 90 cm. (width) x 120 cm. (height).
  • We will provide a code to identify each poster. This code will indicate the day, room and position of your poster.
  • Posters must be hanged early on the presentation day (08:00 – 10:00 a.m.), with the assistance of our staff.
  • Authors must be present to exhibit their posters from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on the assigned day
  • After the daily session, authors must collect their posters.

Oral Presentations

  • Most oral presentations were assigned to 15 minute slots.  12 minutes should be devoted to the presentation and 3 minutes for questions.
  • Some abstracts were selected by Session conveners as keynote lectures and in some cases were assigned 30 minutes (25 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions).  Some sessions will also have brief-oral presentations (3 minutes, no questions) assigned to selected posters (these cases will be informed directly to the authors shortly)
  • All oral presentations, regardless of their extension, must be prepared in one of the two authorized formats: PPTX or PDF.
  • Authors will upload their oral presentations to an online platform that will be available soon and will allow the centralized administration of the presentations during the Congress. More information will be available soon.
  • If the oral presentation includes a video or some other kind of audiovisual material, the author must transfer the information to the platform in a compressed file that contains the presentation and this material.
  • The file of the oral presentation must be named CODE_LASTNAME (Abstract Code_LastName)
  • A special room will be available during the Congress for the authors to review their presentations and make sure that they are correctly uploaded in the system, or correct them if necessary.
  • Uploading oral presentations directly to the computers in the conference rooms will not be possible.

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