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    A1 Geosciences, Society and Sustainable Development

    GEOS Geosciences and Society
    To be confirmed
    PRIN Natural Hazards and Risks

    Dr. Will Steffen

    The Anthropocene: Rising Risks, Critical Choices
    RENE Mineral and Energy Resources for Society

    The interconnected future of energy and metals
    GIAM Engineering and Environmental Geology
     Going Deeper: The Importance of Understanding Brittle Fracture Mechanisms in Deep Mining and Tunnelling

    A2 Basic Research in Geosciences

    GMPE Geomorphology and Exogenic Processes
     Cenozoic landscape evolution of the hyperarid core of the Atacama Desert
    MAGM Magmatism and Metamorphism

    Quantifying the rates of magma accumulation, differentiation, and cooling
    VOLC Volcanology

    Are we all on the same page? Communicating volcanic hazard and risk through maps
    ESEG Structure and Geodynamic Evolution

    Contributions of Modern Seismic Imaging to Understanding the Andean Convergent Margin
    SINT Seismotectonics, Neotectonics and recent Earthquakes
    ESSP Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Paleontology

    Use of Ichnology in Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions: State of the Art and Perspectives
    AEGS Emergent Fields in Geosciences

    The habitability of the Earth over geologic time and the search for life elsewhere