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Fellowships for young Latin American reseachers

The Organizing Committee of the XV ChGC announces the opening of the process for fellowships for young Latin American researchers

Dear members of the geoscientific Latin American community,

We are pleased to announce that the Organizing Committee of the XV ChGC has opened the process of fellowship applications to encourage the participation of young Latin American researchers. The Congress organizers will grant 25 scholarships which consist in a discount in the registration fee to clp 150.000 (One hundred and fifty thousand Chilean pesos).

Young, Latin American researchers, non-Chilean and not residing in Chile, who have obtained their doctoral degree during the past 5 years are invited to apply.  In the case of women who have had children during this period, an additional year per each child will be considered.

To apply:

* Send your application via email to congresogeologico2018@gmail.com.

The application should include:

  1. a) Letter of intention (maximum 3,000 characters including spaces). The applicant must clearly state the relevance of his(her) work and the reason why he(she) considers relevant presenting it at the XV ChGCh;
  2. b) Document that certifies having obtained his(her) PhD degree within the past 5 years; and,
  3. c) Birth certificate, if applicable.

The scholarship will be granted only if the beneficiary is the first author of an abstract accepted the Scientific Committee.

Application deadline: June 1, 2018


From left to right:
José Cabello, Andrés Tassara, Millarca Valenzuela, Reynaldo Charrier,
Fernanda Álvarez, Joaquín Cortés, Verónica Oliveros, Juan Carlos Marquardt, Members of the Organizing Committee of the XV Chilean Geological Congress
“Geosciences to the Community”

Launch website

The launching ceremony of the XV Chilean Geological Congress (CHGC) was held on June 28th 2017 at the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the University of Concepción. Dr. Andrés Tassara, President of the Organizing Committee and Associate Professor at the Earth Science Department, addressed the audience to announce the event and provide further information in reference to its general objectives, scientific structure and other relevant issues. Professor Tassara emphasized the motto of the Congress “Geosciences toward the Community” mentioning that there will be activities that will involve the people from Concepcion in the Congress.
The first stage of the CHGC begins with the period of session proposals to the 11 Thematic Areas (TAs) defined by the Organizing Committee. The deadline for the submission of session proposals is September 10, 2017


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