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University of Concepcion

The University of Concepcion was founded in 1919, it is the third oldest University in Chile, and one of the twenty five universities belonging to the Council of Rectors of Chilean universities.
The Chilean National Commission for Accreditation (CNA) has granted the University of Concepcion an Institutional Accreditation for a 7-year period (2017 – 2023), in the areas of Institutional Management, Undergraduate and Graduate Program, Research and Outreach.
Currently the University of Concepcion offers 91 undergraduate careers, 29 PhD programs and 65 master of sciences programs in its 3 Campuses located in Concepcion, Chillan and Los Angeles, VIII Region, Chile


Antofagasta Minerals

We are the main private mining group in Chile.  We have the best professionals of the industry and excellence is the main characteristic of our work.  We are interested in contributing to the development of the mining industry of the future.

Our mining operations (Pelambres, Centinela, Antucoya and Zaldívar) are dedicated to the production of concentrate and/or copper cathodes, as well as subproducts such as molybdenum and gold, responding to high quality standards in all our processes and products.

We are pioneers in the use of sea water without desalting in the production of copper and we are the first in the industry to apply large-scale thickened tailing technology, thus reducing water consumption.  Furthermore, we enhance the use of renewable energies in mining in order to decrease emissions to the environment.


We are Codelco, an autonomous company owned by all Chileans.

Codelco is the world’s leading copper producer and driver of Chile’s development.

Codelco operates eight mining divisions: Radomiro Tomic, Chuquicamata, Ministro Hales, Gabriela Mistral, Salvador, Andina, El Teniente and the Ventanas smelter and refinery. Our Headquarters is located in Santiago where corporate strategy is coordinated, headed by a nine-member board of directors and the company’s CEO.

Our core business is to explore, develop and exploit mineral resources and process them to produce refined copper and by-products for subsequent sale.

Since our beginning in 1971 to 2017, we have generated US$ 110 billion dollars (in 2017 currency) to the Chilean state. As of December 2017, our assets amount to US$ 36,356 million and at net worth of US$ 10,925 million.


Maptek ™ is the leading global provider of innovative software, hardware and services. Founded almost 40 years ago to serve the mining industry, Maptek offers a unique combination of knowledge domain, technical expertise and engineering resources.

We incorporate automated workflows and optimized algorithms to collect, analyze and circulate critical information within the operating cycle, closing the cycle between planning, production and results. We develop reliable solutions that allow customers to improve safety, productivity and profitability.

Maptek products include: Vulcan, I-Site, BlastLogic, Perfect Dig, Eureka, Sentry, CaveLogic and Evolution. In addition to an excellent training and support service.



BHP is a world-leading resources company. Its strategy is to own and operate large, long life, low cost assets with growth potential, which are diversified by product, geography and market. It is among the largest producers of iron ore, metallurgical coal and copper; and has stakes in oil, gas and energy coal.

BHP Minerals Americas is the business unit that groups BHP’s mining operations located in the Americas, namely Minera Escondida (57.5%) and Pampa Norte (Compañía Minera Cerro Colorado and Minera Spence) in Chile, Potash (Canada) and the non-operated joint ventures Antamina (Peru), Samarco and Renova Foundation (Brazil), Cerrejón (Colombia), Resolution (United States) and Nimba (Guinea). Its headquarters are located in Santiago, Chile.

Enel Green Power

Enel Green Power is an Italian company founded in 2008, owned by the Enel Group, which is dedicated to the development, construction and operation of power plants from renewable sources. It is one of the largest players in the renewable energy sector in the world and it is present in 30 countries on 5 continents with a managed capacity of approximately 40 GW and more than 1,200 plants.

Enel Green Power in Chile

Enel Chile is present in the renewable energy sector in the country through Enel Green Power, a company that operates a portfolio that includes hydroelectric, wind, photovoltaic and geothermal energy.

Throughout the country, it operates a portfolio of 36 plants with a combined installed capacity of over 4,730 MW, corresponding to the 45% of Chile’s renewable capacity. 642 MW belong to wind energy, through 9 wind farms, 492 MW come from solar energy and are generated by 8 photovoltaic plants and 3,548 MW are produced by 18 hydroelectric plants.

In addition, the company built, together with ENAP, the Cerro Pabellón geothermal plant with an installed capacity of 48 MW. Inaugurated in September 2017, it is located at 4,500 meters above sea level in Ollagüe, Antofagasta Region, and it is the only geothermal plant in South America, as well as being the highest of its kind in the world.

The evolution of the company is in continuous growth and projects to increase its contribution to the national energy matrix, thanks to the development of new renewable plants that are associated with the various tenders that Enel Green Power has been awarded and through which it will continue to generate more clean energy for Chile.


Collahuasi is a company that mines and produces copper concentrate and cathodes and molybdenum concentrate. As of December 2016, it was the world’s second largest copper operation and has one of its largest deposits of copper mineral resources (9,964 million tonnes).

The Company’s industrial installations and the Rosario, Ujina and Huinquintipa deposits, located in the Pica municipal district of Chile’s Tarapacá Region, form its so-called Cordillera Area. From the Ujina sector, where the concentrator plant is also located, a 203-kilometre system of slurry pipelines transports copper concentrate down to the Collahuasi Port Terminal in Punta Patache, 65 kilometres south of the city of Iquique, from where products are shipped to international markets. The molybdenum and concentrate filtering plants are also located here.
Collahuasi’s shareholders are Anglo American plc (44%), Glencore (44%) and Japan Collahuasi Resources B.V. (12%), all of whom are represented on its Board of Directors.

In 2016, Collahuasi had a total workforce of 5,945 people of whom 36% were direct employees and 64% were outsourced. Out of the Company’s own employees, 44.8% were from the Tarapacá Region.
In 2016, Collahuasi produced 506,5 tonnes of fine copper and its total sales reached US$2,289 million.

Sustainability is the Company’s central pillar and the framework which guides the way it does business and applies at all levels of the organisation, including people, projects, operations, installations and products.



Barrick Gold in the leader company in gold production worldwide. Its headquarter is in Toronto, Canada. It has a portfolio of mines and projects in North, Central and South America, Africa and Oceania, as well as explorations in the United States, Chile, Argentina and Peru.

In Chile Barrick develops the Pascua-Lama and Norte Abierto projects (in joint venture with GoldCorp), the copper mine Zaldívar (in joint venture with AMSA), the active process of the closing of the El Indio mine, and an exploration project Alturas.

Explorations is the area dedicated to the search of the next mine for Barrick, ensuring the growth of the company by finding and acquiring quality reserves in a safe, profitable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.

The exploration strategy of Barrick is aligned with the objectives of the business, with a balanced approach for production increase which includes the acquisitions, project development and the search of new deposits by replacing and adding of reserves and resources in the operations or projects for the development and identification of new business opportunities.

Servicios MAFE LTDA. (GeoMAFE

Who we are

Servicios MAFE Ltda., was founded in August 2007 in Antofagasta, Chile, as a company for the provision of integral services for geological exploration and exploitation.


To generate and develop projects in Chile and Latin American through integral geological assessment, providing products and solutions of the highest quality. Based on our vast experience and advanced digital support, our goal is to comply with quality work standards with safety, social and environmental responsibility. We will provide our customers with high quality technical solutions, supported by state-of-the-art software and hardware platforms available in the geological market.


To provide services of excellence to the mining activity in all the stages of its development through the experience of our qualified professionals. To position our company as a leader in the provision of services, through an ongoing update of our procedures and the ongoing improvement of our operations and protocols. To develop commitment actions for the preservation of the environment and respect to our community, observing legal regulations and aiming at complying with our objectives in an efficient manner. To deliver reliable and verifiable results complying with international regulations in a confidential and safe manner.

Geological Services

Our services include:

  • Geological and geotechnical description of drills.
  • Geology Surface survey at different scales (local, distric, regional)
  • Assessment of mining property.
  • Surface sampling and delivery of lab analysis samples
  • Geological section modelling (2D), interpretation and modelling (3D) (Gemcom, Vulcan, Wireframe Modeling of Target).
  • Creation of geological maps with integration of multiple levels of information (geochemistry, surface geology, topography, satellite imaging, etc.)
  • Update and management of data bases ODBC, Access, AcQuire. Programming of advanced software solutions to comply with specific requirements.


GeoMAFE offers the following sampler services:

  • Leasing of space for drill storage.
  • Cutting of drill cores
  • Sample preparation and delivery to labs.
  • Geological and operational control for Drilling Campaigns.


We provide support for the development of Exploration Campaigns:

  • Fleet of vehicles specially equipped for mining projects.
  • Mini buses for the transportation of personnel.
  • Trucks for transportation of boxes and samples from the project site to their final destination.

National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT)

The National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT) ia a Chilean government agency responsible for coordinating, promoting and aiding scientific research in the country.


Ministry of Mining

The mission of the Ministry of Mining is to lead the development of public policies aimed at increasing the contribution of the mining activity to the development of the country, diversifying the activity in order to use available resources under sustainable conditions valued by society.
The sponsorship of the Ministry of Mining to the XV Chilean Geological Congress was granted by Resolution Nº 4980 dated December 27, 2017.

Geological Society of Chile

The Geological Society of Chile is a private corporation that intends to promote and provide knowledge related to the geology of Chile. The main objectives of this institution include:

  1. Support increased development of geological research in the country;
  2. Facilitate the cooperation and knowledge between interested people and policy/lawmakers nationally and internationally;
  3. Promote improved teaching of geology in Chile;
  4. Encourage all actions that preserve the national geoscientific heritage of Chile;
  5. Participate in all international geological conferences and related meetings.

To be able to perform its labor in all administrative subdivisions of the country, the Geological Society of Chile has developed regional offices that are handled by regional delegates designated by the Board of Directors. Regional offices have been developed in various regions of the country including Antofagasta, Viña del Mar, and Concepción.

In a similar manner, within the Geological Society of Chile, specialized groups of national geological importance also exist, including the:

  • Geoheritage Group
  • Environmental Geology Group
  • Historical Geology Group
  • Natural Hazards Group
  • Geology Education Group

Furthermore, the Geological Society of Chile (i) is in charge of the administrative aspects of Chilean Geological conferences (including finances, etc.), which occur every three years in distinct cities of Chile, (ii) is actively involved in promoting high quality education in the country, including the accreditation of higher institutions of geology, (iii) has ties to the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) of UNESCO, and (iv) has representatives in its Board from international institutions such as the International Geologic Correlation Project (IGCP) of UNESCO.

National Geology and Mining Service (SERNAGEOMIN)

The National Geology and Mining Service is the technical office responsible to generate, maintain and spread basic geological information and resources as well as geological hazards in the national territory, aiming at the welfare of the community and the service to the country. SERNAGEOMIN also regulates and controls the compliance of mining regulations in issues such as security, ownership and closing plans, contributing to the development of the national mining industry.

Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH)

The Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH) is a technical organization under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with competence on all Antarctic scientific, technological and outreach matters. The headquarters of the INACH is located in the city of Punta Arenas since 2003.

The INACH fulfills the objectives of the Chilean Antarctic Policy, encouraging the development of high-impact projects, carrying out activities that facilitate international scientific collaboration, having an effective participation in the Antarctic Treaty System, contributing to enhance Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams as gateways to Antarctica and promoting Antarctic matters in the national community.

Chilean Navy Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service (SHOA)

The main mission of the Chilean Navy Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service is to provide the technical elements, information and technical assistance aimed at enhancing safety in the navigation of rivers and lakes, interior waters, territorial sea and high seas along the Chilean coastline.

National Oceanographic Committee (CONA)

The National Oceanographic Committee is a public organism and its main mission is to coordinate those institutions that carry out research and activities related to marine sciences in Chile.

It was created by Supreme Decree Nº 814 dated September 10, 1971 published in the official newspaper Nº 28.059 of September 25, 1971

Millennium Science Initiative

The Millennium Science Initiative is a program of the Chilean Government that fosters the development of scientific research centers and technology of excellence.

Millennium was founded in 1999 following a World Bank proposal meant to encourage the creation of masses of scientists with critical viewpoints working around problems and to boost the scientific and technological abilities in Chile. In the long run, the objective is to improve the quality and quantity of scientific production, while supporting researcher autonomy. Likewise, the program aims to increase connection with the surroundings in such a way that it links science with innovation and society.

To achieve this, Millennium provides funding to Nucleus Centers and Institutes of excellence, encourages outreach activities, promotes the reinforcement of collaborative scientific networks, and supports the training of young scientists.

National Emergency Office of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security (ONEMI)

The National Emergency Office of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security (ONEMI) is the institution in charge of coordinating the Chilean National Civil Protection System (SNPC), aligning the actions of the public and private sector, organised civil society, and academia towards disaster risk reduction.

Within ONEMI´s roles are the early warning to the population, community preparedness, provide advice to authorities, and coordinate the response to disasters and emergencies.

The SNPC has two structures for integral and prospective risk management, which are compounded by Ministries, Technical Services, and other relevant actors, which replicates at the four administrative levels of the Chilean Estate: communal, provincial, regional, and national.

The first structure, the Committee of Civil Protection, operates on the mitigation and preparedness phases, with an emphasis on planning and establishing the mechanisms to assure system coordination. As for the response and recovery phases, the Committee of Emergency Operations has the role of coordinate actions to manage a disaster and achieve prompt recovery.

Ministry of the Environment

The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for working with the President of Chile on the design and application of policies, plans and programs related to the environment and the protection and conservation of biological diversity and natural resources (renewable resources and water). The Ministry promotes sustainable development as well as the integrity of environmental policy and related regulations.

National Forest Corporation (CONAF)

The mission of the National Forest Corporation (CONAF) is to contribute to the sustainable management of native forests, xerophytic formations and forest plantations through the promotion, enforcement of the forestry-environmental legislation and the protection of vegetal resources, as well as the conservation of the biological diversity through the National System of Protected Wild Areas, in benefit of society.


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