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AT1-14: Volcanoes beyond their deposits.

Conveners: Francisco Cáceres, Universidad Católica del Maule, Chile & Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Munich, Alemania, Álvaro Aravena, Universidad Católica del Maule. Cristian Farias, Universidad Católica de Temuco.

Description: Most of the processes controlling the evolution and transport of magmas in the Earth’s crust, as well as the type of volcanism that they will generate when reaching the surface, are not directly observable, and we are forced to resort to indirect tools for their study. An important source of information to understand volcanic systems has been the geophysical signals emitted by subsurface magmas, including seismological, geodetic, and gravimetric analyses, among others. However, in order to understand the evolution of magmas during ascent and to interpret properly their geophysical signals, it is necessary to compare our data and conceptual models of volcanic systems with results derived from numerical modeling and the development of experiments capable of reproducing the conditions of magma during ascent.