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AT1-16: Fabrics studies applied to the understanding of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary processes in the Andes.

Conveners: Nicolás Garibaldi Marcolini, Independiente. Ítalo Payacán, Universidad Mayor.

Description: Rock fabric analyses have proven most useful to tackle tectonic problems, as they reveal interactions between magmatic, metamorphic, and sedimentary processes. Together with geological, structural, and petrological observations, fabric studies rise as a tool with great potential to understand the Andean margin as an integrated geologic system. This session aims to create an instance to showcase how the varied and innovative techniques for fabric analysis contribute to the understanding of local and regional Andean tectonic, magmatic, and sedimentary processes. This session welcomes contributions that use rock textural records measured by means of Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility – AMS, X-Ray Computed Tomography (XRCT), quantitative petrography, microtextural anisotropy, Crystal Size Distribution (CSD), microtectonics, numerical modeling, among others, to explore Andean tectonics, volcanism, plutonism, metamorphism, and sedimentary processes.