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AT1-17: Water-rock interactions in fossil and active hydrothermal systems.

Conveners: Pablo Sánchez-Alfaro, Universidad Austral de Chile. Alida Pérez-Fodich, Universidad de Chile. Fernanda Álvarez-Amado, Universidad de Concepción. Daniele Tardani, Universidad de O’Higgins.

Description: Fluid-rock interactions govern the processes of heat and mass transfer between minerals and fluids on the Earth’s crust. Quantitative assessment of water-rock interactions at different temporal and spatial scales is crucial to understanding a variety of geological settings, including the distribution of elements in magmatic and hydrothermal systems. These water-rock interactions can be investigated in fossil hydrothermal systems hosting rock alteration or ore mineralization but also in regions with active geothermal manifestations. Laboratory experiments and numerical simulations of physicochemical conditions of water-rock interactions also provide fundamental means to understand the transport of elements and heat transfer between rocks and hydrothermal fluids. We expect contributions from field studies addressing the physicochemical properties of fluids (chemistry, viscosity, heat capacity) and reservoir rocks (geochemistry, permeability, elastic/plastic behavior). We also invite investigations using numerical modeling methods, such as reactive transport and equilibrium models or thermo-mechanical of natural and theoretical systems. A particular interest for this session is the application of geochemical tracers for studying water-rock interactions governing the partitioning and mobility of elements between fluid and solid phases. We expect this session to provide a current and updated overview of fluid-solid processes controlling heat and element transfer across the Earth’s crust.