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AT1-18: What lies beneath? Architecture of sub-volcanic magmatic-hydrothermal-fault systems.

Conveners: John Browning, P. Universidad Católica de Chile. Matias Clunes, P. Universidad Católica de Chile. Laura Becerril, Universidad de O’Higgins. Janine Kavanagh, University of Liverpool.

Description: The session deals with the documentation and modeling of magmatic-hydrothermal and fault systems underlying volcanoes, their relative geometries, and interactions. The focus is on advancing our understanding of sub-surface architecture at active and non-active volcanoes, controls on surface deformation and unrest, and the implications for hazards. We welcome contributions based on results from fieldwork, geodetic and geophysical measurements, analytical, analogue, and numerical simulations, and laboratory studies. We also welcome multidisciplinary studies, especially those that integrate data collected at different scales (e.g. laboratory and field data). Studies may be focused at the regional scale, investigating the tectonic setting responsible for and controlling sub-volcanic architecture along all plate boundaries or intraplate settings. Studies concerning the emplacement of intrusions, as sills, dikes, and laccoliths, are encouraged.
We particularly welcome geophysical data aimed at understanding magmatic-hydrothermal-fault zone processes during volcano unrest. These may include geodetic and seismic studies, as well as studies that model these data to image sources.