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AT1-19: Phanerozoic Magmatic Arcs.

Conveners: Verónica Oliveros, Universidad de Concepción. Paulina Vásquez, Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería, SERNAGEOMIN. Vanesa Litvak, Universidad de Buenos Aires. Juan Otamendi, Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto. Marcia Muñoz-Gómez, Universidad Andrés Bello. Rodrigo González, Universidad Católica del Norte.

Description: Since the Neoproterozoic to present day the interaction between Pacific (paleo and modern) and Sudamerican plates has shaped one of the longest-lived and largest magmatic-orogenic belts known in Earth history. This session promotes a multidisciplinary approach aimed at integrating knowledge of the phanerozoic magmatic arcs that formed and evolved along the Pacific destructive margin of the South Americas. The big challenge is to understand what causal geodynamic variables exert a major control on the crustal architecture, the chemistry of plutonic to volcanic suites and the ore-forming events in the phanerozoic Sudamerican magmatic arcs.

The following aspects will receive particular emphasis:

  • Arc magmatic tempos from inception to maturation.
  • Migration and expansion of magmatic arcs and their link to changes of the geodynamic setting.
  • Geodynamic factors controlling the compositional gradient across and along arc sections from micro- to macro-scale.
  • The influence of far-field tectonic stress and magmatic inputs on the position of ore-bearing belts.