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AT1-2: Planetary Sciences, Meteorites, and Impact Processes.

Conveners: Millarca Valenzuela, Universidad Católica del Norte. Verónica Oliveros, Universidad de Concepción. Alexandre Corgne, Universidad Austral de Chile. Daniel Moncada, Universidad de Atacama. Adrien Tavernier, Universidad de Atacama. Giovanni Leone, Universidad de Atacama.

Description: This session will receive contributions on: a) Studies of geological processes in planets, including Earth, and minor bodies of the Solar System, that improve the understanding of the geological evolution of these celestial bodies (from experimental techniques, remote sensing, geophysics, geochemistry, geomorphology, mineralogy, petrology and/or numerical models); b) Multidisciplinary studies in the fields of Space Exploration, Astrogeology, and Astrobiology; c) (micro)Meteorites studies from petrology, mineralogy and/or geochemistry; d) Identification/search for new dense collection areas for meteorites in Chile; e) Present/past atmospheric events associated with the fall of extraterrestrial material such as fireballs; f) Impact processes occurred in Chile and its associated impact materials.