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AT1-21: Metamorphism in the Andean margin and its tectonic context.

Conveners: Gaëlle Plissart, Universidad Austral de Chile. Mauricio Calderón, Universidad del Desarrollo. Francisco Fuentes-Iza, Universidad San Sebastián.

Description: The geodynamic context of the Andean margin is rich in geological processes that transform rocks at different depth and temperature conditions, generating new associations of minerals and textures that record key clues in the study of the thermal and tectonic evolution of a region. For this reason, in this version of the Chilean Geological Congress, this session is open to receive contributions on all types of metamorphism, associated with subduction, collision, contact, ocean floor, burial or fault-related processes. We hope to hear about relationships between metamorphism and structural data, in order to determine the tectonic context in which the rocks were formed. We invite you to present abstracts that deal with the characterization of paragenesis and microtextures, the kinematic analysis at macro-, meso- and micro-scales, the estimation of pressure-temperature conditions by geothermobarometry, multi-equilibrium and/or pseudosections, the determination of metamorphic pathes, the specification of chemical changes in rocks during metamorphism, the determination of the composition of metamorphic fluids, the acquisition of new radiometric ages, among others. We encourage our community and lovers of metamorphic rocks to participate by sending an abstract of their new works or works in progress.