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AT1-22: Ancient, recent, and future earthquakes along the Andean margin.

Conveners: Andrés Tassara, Universidad de Concepción. Daniel Melnick, Universidad Austral de Chile. Marco Cisternas, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. Gonzalo Montalva, Universidad de Concepción. Marcos Moreno, Universidad de Concepción.

Description: The Andean subduction margin is one of the most seismically active zones on the planet. Earthquakes produced on the subduction megathrust, on shallow crustal faults and within the subducting plate occur here at a very high rate. This positions the Andean margin as one of the best natural laboratories to study the phenomena that regulate the seismic cycle at various space and time scales. This session will welcome abstracts that provide background on the different phases of the seismic cycle associated with: ancient earthquakes and tsunamis recorded by paleoseismological and/or historical data; recent earthquakes studied by instrumental records (seismological and/or geodetic); probable scenarios of future earthquakes deduced from statistical and/or numerical models that incorporate data of various kinds; numerical simulations that consider the nucleation, propagation and/or arrest of the seismic rupture for uni- and/or multi-cycle models. The session will also receive abstracts focused on seismic hazard assessment by integrating data and models similar to those described above.