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AT1-23: Geodynamics and internal structure of the Andean margin and surrounding oceanic plates.

Conveners: Andrés Tassara, Universidad de Concepción. Eduardo Contreras-Reyes, Universidad de Chile. Andrei Maksymowicz, Universidad de Chile. Cristian Rodrigo, Universidad Andres Bello.

Description: The western margin of South America is the archetype of subduction zones where an oceanic plate subducts beneath a continental one. A wide range of geodynamic processes act in this geotectonic environment and together condition the evolution of the Andean margin and its internal structure.

This session will welcome papers presenting and discussing representations of the geological, compositional, thermal and/or mechanical structure of the upper plate, the Nazca and Antarctic plates and the interaction zone between them derived from the modelling and integration of geophysical data of various kinds (elastic wave velocity tomography, seismic imaging, gravity and magnetic anomalies, magnetotelluric imaging, thermal and rheological models). In addition, papers based on numerical models investigating the role of the different forces acting on the subduction system and within each plate in the construction and maintenance of the resulting lithospheric structure, and kinematic models of the motion of tectonic plates and their role in the geodynamic evolution of the margin and surrounding plates are warmly invited.