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AT1-24: Paleoseismology, neotectonics, active tectonics and seismic hazard.

Conveners: Gabriel Easton, Universidad de Chile.  Gabriel González, Universidad Católica del Norte. Sofía Rebolledo, Universidad de Chile. Luisa Pinto, Universidad de Chile.  María Pía Rodríguez, Universidad de Atacama. José González Alfaro, Universidad de Chile. Joaquín Cortés, Universidad de Concepción.

Description: In the last two decades, our country has experienced a growing interest on tectonic geomorphology, neotectonics and especially paleoseismology, as fundamental disciplines for seismic hazard assessment associated with the potential occurrence of earthquakes in tectonically active geological structures.

In the context of the subduction of the Nazca and Antarctic plates under the South American plate, as well as the major tectonic contact of the South American and Antarctic plates with the Scotia plate, Chile and the Andean countries offer ideal conditions for the study of tectonic regimes and slip rates along faults and other geological structures at the scale of the late Cenozoic (neotectonics), and especially for earthquake geology and paleoseismology, disciplines that seek to determine the size (magnitude), as well as where and when the last historical and prehistoric earthquakes have occurred.

Contributions to this session – on neotectonics, active tectonics and paleoseismology – are invited, along with those focused on seismic hazard assessment associated with both major tectonic plates boundaries as well as along faults and other crustal geological structures.