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AT1-4: The role of fluids in the understanding of magmatic and volcanic processes.

Conveners: Felipe Aguilera, Universidad Católica del Norte. Manuel Inostroza, Instituto de Investigación en Riesgo Volcánico. Susana Layana, Instituto de Investigación en Riesgo Volcánico. Verónica Oliveros, Universidad de Concepción. Philippe Robidoux, Universidad de Chile. Pablo Salas, Instituto de Investigación en Riesgo Volcánico.

Description: The fluids of magmatic origin evacuated to the atmosphere through volcanic systems provide valuable information on the pressure, temperature, speciation, and composition of hydrothermal systems associated with magmatic processes. These solutions can be trapped in different geological materials such as the molten, liquid or vapor phase, preserving information from the past, while the direct measurement of degassing fluids provides clues regarding the magmatic and hydrothermal processes that currently occur in active volcanoes. This session proposes the analysis and discussion of works focused on the mineralogical study and vitreous and fluid inclusions, supported by the characterization via physical volcanology of volcanic products and geophysical studies, which allows contributing to the understanding of the physical and chemical conditions of magmatic processes. and hydrothermal alteration associated with volcanism of convergent margins. Additionally, those who study fluids such as geothermometers, metal transporters, and volcanic monitoring tools, through direct sampling methods, accumulation chambers, MultiGas, UV-cameras, DOAS, and remote sensing, are invited to understand the variable contributions. magmatic and hydrothermal that currently govern the Andean volcanism.