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AT1-8: Magmatic processes during volcanic evolution in Chile: from mantle to surface.

Conveners: Daniela Parra Encalada, Los Andes Geothermal Center of Excellence and Universidad de Chile. Francisca Mallea Lillo, University of Adelaide. Patricia Larrea, Andes Geothermal Center of Excellence. Benigno Godoy, Universidad San Sebastián. Gabriel Ureta Alfaro, Instituto Milenio de Investigación en Riesgo Volcánico – Ckelar Volcanes, Centro Nacional de Investigación para la Gestión Integrada del Riesgo de Desastre, Universidad Católica del Norte. Laura Becerril Carretero, Universidad de O’Higgins.

Description: To characterize the evolution of magmatic systems and the factors that trigger magmatic ascent and later eruption, as well as the timing of these processes, it is necessary to analyze them from a multidisciplinary approach, including analytical and experimental techniques, and further modeling. This would help to answer:  What conditions do allow the genesis, and later, eruption of magmas? What factors control the compositional variations of magmas during their ascent to the surface? On which timescales do the evolutionary processes occur? What physico-chemical conditions exist in the magmatic chamber prior to eruption?

This session focuses on the magmatic processes, shallow and at depth, that affected the genesis and evolution of Andean and oceanic island volcanism in Chile. Thus, we invite authors to submit abstracts related to the establishment of processes related to magma genesis in the mantle, differentiation processes prior to volcanic eruption, the timescales of these processes, and the physico-chemical conditions that trigger volcanic eruptions. Furthermore, contributions about volcanism of the different tectonic settings related to Chilean geological evolution are welcome.