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AT2-2: Advances in analytical techniques and methodologies for the development of earth sciences.

Conveners: Paola Martínez, Angelina Bustos, Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería, SERNAGEOMIN.

Description: In the field of Earth Sciences, the studies and modeling of natural phenomena depend intrinsically on the quality of analytical data, the technological progress of instrumentation and the procedures used in the laboratories. Therefore, innovation in any of these aspects directly impacts the results, showing the dynamic discipline that earth science represents.

Due to the above, we want to invite members of the geological community who are developing research in analytical techniques and methodologies, and implementation of new equipment, to present their experiences and results. We thus seek to generate an opportunity for discussion and mutual transfer of knowledge in the preparation, analysis, and interpretation of the use of these techniques to resolve concerns in the different areas of geology.