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AT5-1: Landslides: Present and Future Prospects

Conveners: Antonio Muñoz, Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería SERNAGEOMIN. Ivo Fustos-Toribio, Asociación Chilena de Ingeniería Geológica, Universidad de La Frontera.

Description: Landslides are geological processes that in recent years have had a strong impact on the territory. Quantifying and evaluating the triggering and conditioning variables is essential to generate socially sustainable solutions. This session will bring together scientific research (trigger conditions, changes in pore pressure in soil) and recent technological developments (early warning systems, susceptibility models), updating the scientific community. This will allow visualizing new priority sub-lines in the future, increasing national collaboration.

This session will integrate the state of the art in the area, proposing the exchange of knowledge and technology to understand and mitigate this type of process in the Andes. This session is organized by the Chilean Association of Geological Engineering (ACHIGEO).