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AT5-7: The Role of Territorial Planning in Disaster Risk Management.

Convener: María Belén Araneda Riquelme, Geógrafas Chile.

Description: In Chile, the multiple risks of disasters are seen from a mostly reactive perspective due to various factors, including the lack of human and economic resources allocated to their prevention and mitigation. Product of institutional lack of coordination, civil society makes geological dangers invisible due to lack of education, added to the technicalities that these events imply. On the other hand, the authorities and the instruments used for its mitigation do not always consider local knowledge, therefore, a technical rupture is generated between those involved. Currently in Chile only some natural hazards are considered within the territorial planning instruments (IPT) and risk is not integrated either, understood as the multiplication between vulnerability (social), threat (natural and/or social) and exposure. In this sense, it is necessary to be able to discuss solutions from a territorial and integrated perspective of disaster risk management, valuing the collective representations of communities and their resilience capacity and integrating it multidisciplinary to geoscientific analysis.

We invite you to present works in the line of the study of geological hazards and their relationship with territorial ordering and/or the analysis of territorial planning instruments, presenting case studies and methodologies.