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AT5-8: Volcanic eruptions from an integral perspective: hazard assessment and risk management.

Conveners: Franco Vera, Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería, SERNAGEOMIN. José Luis Palma, Universidad de Concepción. Francisca Vergara, Universidad de Concepción. Carolina Geofroy, Xterrae Geología. Alfredo Esquivel, Instituto Milenio de Investigación en Riesgo Volcánico – CKELAR Volcanes. Álvaro Aravena, Universidad Católica del Maule. Constanza Perales, Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería, SERNAGEOMIN.

Description: The geological knowledge of Chilean volcanoes and their eruptive behaviour has experienced a significant and rapid growth in the last decades. Along with this, the development of new methodologies and tools, such as analytical techniques and numerical models, have facilitated the geological characterization of volcanoes, the assessment of their hazard and their impact on the territory. In its social dimension, this type of analysis has become more complex due to the increase of the exposed population, requiring an effective integration between volcanological information and social factors such as exposure, vulnerabilities, resilience and risk perception. This implies important challenges for the Chilean geoscientific community, as the new legislation on risk management in the country demands multidisciplinary discussion and thinking on these issues.

We welcome contributions related to volcanic hazard assessment and integral risk management. In particular, we encourage studies on: eruptive and geological history of volcanoes, assessment of eruptive scenarios, numerical modelling and probabilistic analysis of volcanic phenomena and their impacts, hazard assessment and its integration with volcanic risk analysis, applications in territorial development, risk perception and communication, local knowledge and understanding of eruptive activity.