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AT6-1: Diversity and inclusion in geosciences

Conveners: Natalia Astudillo L., Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería, SERNAGEOMIN. Camilo Sánchez Y., Universidad Mayor. Felipe Orellana, Universidad Católica del Maule. Virginia Toloza, Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería, SERNAGEOMIN.

Description: The incorporation of inclusion and diversity as relevant factors in applied geological studies represents a paradigm change in Earth Sciences, with an emerging development in Chile. This indicates that it is essential to inform the geological community about initiatives linked to inclusion and diversity, in order to increase the interest of the public, and in particular of the new generations in inter and trans disciplinary lines of research (social sciences, mental health, earth sciences and education).

In this session, will be show the advances in geological education, effective communication of geosciences, socialization and co-construction of knowledge activities aimed at people with disabilities (PWDS) and neurodivergence, (b) natives people, (c) elderly people, (d) immigrants, (e) rural communities, (f) communities living below the poverty line and (g) LGBT+ community, among others, will be presented under the premise of the Chilean Universal Accessibility Law (Law 20.422). For this reason, this session is aimed to all those works that consider topics which allow geology as a science for everyone in Chile, a natural laboratory where geological variables are an integral part of the territory, in its diverse forms, factors and cosmovision’s.