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AT 6-3: Geosciences and Transdiscipline in models of Territorial Planning and Governance.

Conveners: Felipe Orellana, Universidad Católica del Maule, Sociedad Geológica de Chile.  Verónica Oliveros, Universidad de Concepción, Sociedad Geológica de Chile. Hernán Bobadilla, Politécnico de Milán. Valentina Flores, Universidad de Chile. Francisca Roldán, Universidad Católica del Norte / CIGIDEN.

Description: Transdisciplinary approaches foster research collaborations, bounding and integration between various scientific disciplines together with local knowledges and practices from dissimilar communities, integrating them into the public, private, academic, and local sectors, with the purpose of understanding, designing, and solving complex problems. The foregoing makes it possible to facilitate and promote strategies and perspectives in terms of territorial management, proposing new models of Science-Society Governance that integrate a wide and diverse understanding of the territory. The results of these models are expected to lead to proposed solutions, generating mitigative and adaptive measures to increase resilience to the current scenario of Global Change, management and exploitation of natural resources, land use planning, among others. 

This session receives contributions on: (i) Transdisciplinary strategies with geosciences to generate multilevel governance models (local, provincial, regional, national); (ii) Case studies in participatory research and citizen science, including organizations in civil society; (iii) Transdisciplinary collaborations between the academic sector and non-academic endeavours.