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AT 6-4: Education in Geosciences

Conveners: Marco Valle, Pas Toledo, Gabriela Tascón, Pablo Azúa, Kristian Agurto, Victoria Arenas, Pablo Salinas, Elisa Ramírez Sánchez. Grupo de Educación de la Sociedad Geológica de Chile.

Description: This thematic session proposes a space for the presentation, discussion, and dissemination of research and/or pedagogical experiences related to Earth Science education, considering both formal education at preschool, primary, secondary, and higher levels, as well as non-formal education. For the development of the session, a division into 2 main sub-themes is proposed: 

  • School Education. Abstracts focused on compulsory school levels, preschool, elementary and high school (scientific-humanistic/technical-professional) are invited. We welcome, for example, abstracts that present background or updates in the programs and/or curriculum on the content of geosciences, pedagogical experiences and methodologies, innovation of technologies in the teaching-learning process.